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Special guide tours and hiking

in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is the perfect place for tourism and sport in contact with nature

Who said that you can only enjoy Sierra Nevada in the winter?

Our area is known for having one of the best seasons for skiing but Sierra Nevada also has things to offer once finished the winter season.

During the spring , summer and autumn in the Sierra Nevada National Park you can do various activities such as walking and hiking in Sierra Nevada or bike rides. There are options for everyone as there are routes of different levels.

From Hotel El Guerra, we present a series of proposals for you to come visit us during these months and may be able to enjoy the mountain with good weather and a peace hard to find in the skiing months in the Sierra Nevada National Park .

Hiking from Guejar – Sierra

Our hotel is part of this municipality and the village is 20 minutes far but if you want to start your route in Sierra Nevada from here you can start almost next to the hotel.

ruta sierra nevada vereda de la estrella

Vereda de la Estrella

Distance: 20 km. o 12,5 km

Duration: 6 hours

Dificulty: Medium for the distance, low the type of route

One of the most beautiful and most popular routes through the Sierra Nevada National Park .

Built in 1890 to transport minerals extracted from various mines in the area, it is now a comfortable path that allows us to explore the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada.

Begins once through the village of Güejar Sierra and is well signposted. We will pass through ravines, rivers and mines and we would have the best panoramic views of the highest peaks of Sierra Nevada and the Iberian Peninsula.

Highlighted route

ruta en sierra nevada hotel campos de otero

Dornajo-Campos de Otero

Distance: 9 km.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Dificulty: Low

Departure is from the visitor center The Dornajo , located 3 minutes from our hotel.

This route Sierra Nevada has a vertical drop of 550 meters. You can continue the hike up through the “Mount Cara” There would be 25 kilometers and a total duration of 9 hours and 40 minutes.

ruta sierra nevada prado redondo

Prado Redondo

Distance: 8,5 km.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Dificulty: low

This route starts at kilometer 26 ( very close to our hotel) in the old road to Sierra Nevada. During the route we will have a permanent Genil river valley view.

It is a low difficulty and pass through places like the Barranco de Los Tejos, Cortijo Los Castaños, the Barranco de las Animas or the Peña del Perro.

ruta sierra nevada san jeronimo

San Jerónimo-Cortijuela

Distance: 14,7 km.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Dificulty: Medium

It is a stretch of the famous trail Sulayr, the cycling route in Sierra Nevada for excellence.

Head of St. Jerome is located very close to the hotel , 300 meters from the visitors center El Dornajo. In this journey through the Sierra Nevada National Park we pass through the Way of the Neveros, river Monachil or the Barranco de Manuel House among other points of interest.

Hiking from Monachil

In Monachil you’ll find the perfect place to start your hiking trails in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada

ruta de los cahorros hotel en sierra nevada

Los Cahorros

Distance: 8,2 km.

Duration: 2 hours y 15 minutes

Dificulty: Low

This circular route that runs along the river Monachil can be done from the village of Monachil and its route, accessible and suitable for all audiences, can be seen from an impressive suspension bridge to narrow walls which have to go through to complete the route.

To start the route can be done from the Bar El Puntarrón or from The Age of Portachuelo in the village of Monachil. It is one of the most popular routes in the Sierra Nevada National Park .

Highlighted route

subida al veleta hotel el guerra

Ascent to Veleta

Distance: 9 km.

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Medium

This rise to the third highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula begins in the region of the Hoya de la Mora , a 20 minutes drive from our hotel. From there, at 2500 meters of altitude, climb the Pico Veleta located 3398 meters.
It is one of the hiking trails in Sierra Nevada busiest in spring and summer and the views from the top are stunning.

It should be noted that being at a considerable height is very convenient to do it with a clear day and look at the weather forecast before leaving. If your preparation is very good you can continue to the Mulhacén, the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsule, and the route is about 8 hours.

ruta san anton

San Antón

Distance: 8,2km.

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: Low

This route through the Sierra Nevada National Park shows us a tour of the history and tradition of Monachil. A way used since ancient times by the surrounding villages that offer us excellent panoramic views of the town.

We can start from Cuevas Street in Monachil and end at the same point passing through Los Tejares, El Penon Rook, Cortijo Las Rosas, Cañada Real Los Neveros or Cerro de la Encina .

As a recommendation, within walking distance is our Restaurant El Guerra in Huetor Vega, so after the path, can go into to regain strength there.

ruta purche sieera nevada

Route Purche-Cerrajón

Distance: 6,3 km.

Duration: 1 hour and  50 minutes

Difficulty: Low

A route that will give us the best views of the city of Granada, its plain , Sierra Nevada , Sierra de Huétor and Sierra de Arana.

The route starts near the campsite Purche . We will spend 3 “real glens “flowing through the municipalities of Huétor Vega , Monachil, Güejar Sierra .

hotel en sierra nevada sulayr

Sulayr Path

Mountain sun”, word asthe Arabs knew Sierra Nevada. It is a long distance walking route to discover the unique landscapes Penibetic .

The path has been traced looking for an easy and safe hiking in the Sierra Nevada National Park for an experience marked by direct contact with nature.

It is divided into 19 stages , the first stage leaves from the Dornajo and the latter also ends at this point located next to our hotel, so you can do several steps from here. You can also do this route through Sierra Nevada by bike.

Biking trails in Sierra Nevada

The versatility of Park Sierra Nevada allows this natural wonder is the perfect place for all cycling enthusiasts enjoy the best cycling routes

Enjoying the mountain bike

The Sierra Nevada National Park is the ideal place if you like mountain bike .

There are 2 major routes through the area over several stages, but of course do not need them all, you can make some concrete stage and combine bike with nature tourism.

The previous routes , most of them can also be made by bicycle, but most of them are short for people who like cycling as a sport.

Moreover, in Hotel El Guerra we have space and equipment to store your bike safely.

For you, we propose the following:

transveada hotel el guerra


Mountain bike path that surrounds the Sierra Nevada National Park .

Runs between 1500 and 2000 meters high and has 450km . divided into 8 stages , but obviously it is not mandatory to do them all .

In addition to this route, you also have enabled another 11 one day routes ideal to know Sierra Nevada and practice your favorite sport , one of the routes starts of Güejar Sierra .

subida al veleta hotel en sierra nevada guertra

Hoya de la Mora to Peak Veleta with goal in Capileira

A nice but difficult route mountain bike , leaving the Hoya de la Mora , climbing the Pico Veleta and passing to Capileira , in the Alpujarra.

Sierra Nevada towns you must visit

Sierra Nevada is more than just hiking and active tourism, it is the perfect place to stroll through some of the most charming towns in the area place

el guerra hotel en sierra nevada guejar

Güejar Sierra

The municipality is highly recommended for hiking in the Sierra Nevada and enjoyment of nature.

Güejar Sierra village is a charming place , belonging to Sierra Nevada National Park and ideal for a walk and eat at one of its many picnic areas restaurants. From Güejar Sierra , leave several hiking trails in Sierra Nevada

hotel el gierra pinos genil

Pinos Genil

This town is already near the city of Granada. Belonging to the Sierra Nevada Park, it is bisected by the river and joined by a beautiful bridge , which gives the village a special charm that make it advisable to take a walk.

In this village are some of the most famous restaurants in the area to sample some typical dishes from the region as the kid

monachil hotel en sierra nevada


This town crossed by the river Monachil is also part of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. It maintains its character and structure of mountain village and is distributed on river terraces both sides of the river.

It has several famous restaurant and highlights its archaeological site of Cerro de la Encina .

Other attractions in the area of  

Sierra Nevada

The environment surrounding Sierra Nevada is, above all, a varied place. Active tourism, water sports, cultural visits … Sierra Nevada will captivate you.

el guerra hotel en sierra nevada guejar

Hoya de Pedraza Botanic Garden

This garden is in km. 27,8 Highway Sierra Nevada, just 2 km. from our hotel. You can see species typical of high mountain areas in this beautiful garden ideal for lovers of plants.

embalse sierra nevadai

Water activities

Near the hotel also we have the reservoir Canales ( near the hotel) and Swamp Quéntar, 30 minutes far, where you can perform activities such as fishing, canoeing or kayaking.

monachil hotel en sierra nevada


And to complete the tourist offer also we are 30 minutes from the beautiful city of Granada, where you can walk while we enjoy its history, its great atmosphere and cuisine.

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