La Montaña | Your restaurant in Sierra Nevada

The best gastronomic complement for your experience at Hotel El Guerra:

A restaurant in the Sierra Nevada where you can enjoy the best gastronomy of Granada

Our restaurant “La Montaña” is located in the facilities of Hotel El Guerra. We have the privilege of being in an environment that allows us to always have the best raw materials in the area. You can also enjoy freshly extracted food from our garden.

In the restaurant you can taste both the most typical and traditional dishes of Granada, as well as the most innovative cuisine. From beans with ham or suckling pig to avant-garde dishes that will conquer you.

A perfect complement to your experience in El Guerra: Gastronomy in a family atmosphere

We have the best professionals to offer you a familiar experience, intimate and pleasant in facilities that you will love

Discover our facilities, gastronomy and cafeteria, in images

The facilities of “La Montaña”

In the restaurant you can taste both the most typical and traditional dishes of Granada in an intimate and informal atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable and rest after a day of sightseeing or skiing in Sierra Nevada

Our goal is that the restaurant is the best gastronomic complement for your stay in Sierra Nevada, a combination that will make your experience in Hotel El Guerra much more special


Gastronomy and dishes, in pictures

From the dishes and the most typical recipes of Granada cuisine such as habitas with ham to salads of all kinds or dishes to recover strength after a day of skiing at the station or tourism and hiking in Sierra Nevada.

Gastronomy of quality for all the tastes and that will make of your experience in the Mountain the best gastronomic complement for your stay in Hotel El Guerra

Cafetería & Bar area

In our bar area you can enjoy a conversation with friends with a coffee or eat ” Quickie ” with our service a la carte.

Sandwiches, meals, threads, portions a la carte … In our cafeteria we offer a long list of fast food if you do not have time to enjoy our rich traditional menu in the restaurant area.

We also offer buffet breakfast outside so you pick up strength before skiing in the Sierra Nevada resort or before leaving the hotel to discover the beautiful province of Granada.

Perfect facilities to host groups

Double, triple and quadruple rooms, and a restaurant with capacity for more than 100 people adaptable to the needs that each group may have in terms of schedules or type of menu.